Sandpoint Cathedral

Newest and largest building in Sandpoint. Holds shrines to several deities.

Sandpoint Boneyard

Graveyard adjacent to the Cathedral.

The White Deer

Newly re-built three story inn.

The Way North

Cramped and cluttered library.


Squat Sturdy stone building housing the town’s jeweler.

Junker’s Edge

Garbage dump.

Gorvi’s Shack

Dung-sweeper’s guild hall.


A scholar’s Dwelling.


The town’s primary lock-maker.

Sandpoint Garrison

This Stone fortress serves double duty as the barracks and town jail.

Sandpoint Town Hall

Mayor’s offices reside here, as well as a meeting hall that can house all of the audult population of Sandpoint.

Savah’s Armory

Weapon and Armor Dealer.

Risa’s Place


Rovanky Tannery

Town’s Tannery, Sells Leather to the public.

Red Dog Smithy

Smithy, Makes items to order.

The Pillbug’s Pantry

Herb and Medicine seller.

Bottled Solutions

Alchemist and potion maker

Cracktooth’s Tavern

Local Tavern located close to the Sandpoint theater.

House of Blue Stones

Monastery tended by a monk.

Sandpoint Glassworks

Glass making operation. Sells to the public.

Sandpoint Savories

Local Bakery

The Curious Goblin

A library

Sandpoint Theater

Playhouse of Sandpoint, with three weekend shows.

Carpenter’s Guild


Sandpoint Lumber mill

noisy logging operation sometimes run through the night.

General Store

Supply Store.

Turandarok Academy

Part school, Part orphanage.

Madame Mvashti’s House

A large old Manor-house.

Grocer’s Hall

This open air market houses the local farmer’s crops. Farming tools are also sold here.

Vernah’s Fine Clothing

Wheen’s Wagons

Scarnetti Mill

The Hagfish

Valdemar Fishmarket

Sandpoint Market

Sandpoint Meat Market

The Rusty Dragon

Goblin Squash Stables

Two Knight Brewery

Sandpoint Mercantile League

Sandpoint Boutique

Fatman’s Feedbag

The Pixie’s Kitten

The Feathered Serpent


Sandpoint Shipyard

Valdemar Manor

Scarnetti Manor

Kaijitsu Manor

Deverin Manor


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