Brotherhood of the Sand

The Brotherhood of the Sand is the adventuring group founded by; Balin, Calous Rake, Hallow Song, Lux Cognito,and Kriig. The group is based in Sand Point, but also has an office in Magnimar. The group is known for having a high concentration of magic users and as Goblin slayers. They have foiled a plot to murder the Lord-Mayer of Magnimar and appear to be in his employ. They lead the effort to save the under-bridge from a devastating fire.

Kriig is know through many goblin tribes as a powerful foe.

Lux Cognito is known as a knowledgeable sage and spell caster.

Balin is known for his strength and battle prowess.

Hallow Song is known as a fabulous entertainer and organizer of the stage plays in Magnimar.

Calous Rake is known for leading the people to save the uunder-bridge during the great blaze. And also for his ferocity in battle.

Brotherhood of the Sand

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