Rise of The Rune Lords

The Smuggler's Tunnel

What Lies Beneath

The Tunnel before them is dark and quiet. The group moves through cautiously and comes to a cavern by the sea. Two passages split from the cavern. One ends, rubble choked and impassable. The other leads in to another more worked passage. Lux Cognito identifies the stone work as ancient Thassilonian and is eager to press on. with out objection he leads the group into the chambers ahead. worked natural stone walls with an even tiled floor and arched cavern-like ceiling. The passage bends and as Lux Cognito begins to examine the stonework a creature lumbers out of the darkness.

It lurches on back-bent dog like legs. A hideous slobbering mouth with a lower jaw that splits in the middle exposing rows of razor sharp teeth. It’s red eyes and flat facial features twisted in a furious rage. As the fight begins Hallow Song begins his war song. But to his dismay the eyes on the beast glow red. Hallow Song finds that his song not only bolsters his allies, but brings a supernatural strength to the monstrosity. Mitsu, sent into the fray by Kriig, though he sends Mitsu into the fray to fight every battle, due to her claws and ferocity. Kriig then finds a nice spot on the wall to lean and watch Mitsu fight. Kriig also summons an eagle to aid in the fighing. The fell beast lands a telling blow to Mitsu causing her to blast to dust and energy. Kriig is no longer leaning on the wall casually and is none to pleased that his summoned mistress has been destroyed. The beast is dispatched and Kriig laments the loss of Mitsu. The others in the group give their condolences, but find out that Kriig can summon Mitsu the next day. Kriig, still pouting, states that he is still without his Mitsu untill tomorrow, and traveling without her is just so much work. The group examines the creature before them but cannot identify what it is. They search around but are not able to find anything more than another passage. And with that they head deeper into the catacombs.


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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