Rise of The Rune Lords

The Catacombs

Darkness and Mystery

Into the catacombs the group traveled. A short time they arrived at a more detailed complex. carved and smoothed stone passages ten feet in height and worked floors that were the hallmarks of ancient Thassilon. Lux Cognito was fascinated and wanted the group to continue on. Soon the group came to a split in the passage. Calous Rake volunteered to watch at the split while the rest of the group search down one of the passages.

Hallow Song, Lux Cognito and Kriig still complaining about not having Mitsu by his side. Enter a room with two other exits.The room is dominated by a red marble statue of a strikingly beautiful, but at the same time, monstrously enraged human woman. Her stony expression twisted in fury. The woman wears flowing robes and her long hair is held back by an intricate headdress of hooks and blades. In her left hand she carries a large book, the face of which is inscribed a seven pointed star. her right hand hold a glittering metal and ivory ranseur. Lux Cognito examines the statue but is unable to tell who it is of. Hallow Song has seen some images of this woman. it is hard for him to tell but he knows the name, Alaznist. Heading deeper into the catacombs the group enters a room dominated by a rickety wooden platform. what would have been cells in the past lie below and on the opposite side of the room. Searching the group find nothing but dust and silence. to one side wooden platform leads to an extending passage. Narrowing to only allow single file travel the group proceeds to the next chamber. An intimate room filled with what would seem to be ancient implements of torture. The Rack, a spiked cage are all aged and would support none of the foul uses that surely went on in the room in the past. A room adjacent to the torture chamber reveals a study. it’s books and tomes of knowledge seemingly ripped to shreds as the floor is littered with the confetti of what must have been an impressive library. finding nothing of use the group is fatigued and decides to make camp as they see few entrances. The group divides watch duties for the night and proceeds to rest.

In the morning the group awake to find Calous Rake missing. A quick back track reveals an eerie sight. Calous Rake stands before the statue of Alaznist in a trance. The group revive Calous Rake and ask him what he remembers and he is unable to remember the night and has gotten no rest. The group searches the rest of the catacombs to find a deformed, crazed goblin, zombies and finally a shine with a dark alter, turbulent pool and an odd well. Calous Rake unable to resist a mental call cuts his hand and drops blood into the well. Dark monsters emerge out of the turbulent pool. Balin,Hallow Song,Lux Cognito,Kriig,Mitsu, and a confused Calous Rake are able to beat bown the monsters. More emerge out of the pool, the well begins to pulse. After a third wave of the monsters are dispatched the well dims and the pool becomes tranquil. While not the goblin hideout they were looking for. The group non the less feels they may have averted some evil that was gaining strength below the town.

Having settled the well and taken care of a threat in the catacombs The group heads back to Sandpoint to rest and plan their next moves.


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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