Ameiko Kaijitsu

Owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn


Amiable innkeeper of the Rusty Dragon. The personal life of Ameiko has bee tumultuous of late. Her father barging in and the two having at it in the common room of the inn seemed to be the climax of the tension that had grown in that last few months.

later Ameiko was kidnapped by her own brother and locked in a storage room in the Sand point Glass works, the business owned by her family. After being rescued by the Goblin slayers of Sand Point, she finds that her brother murdered her father and attempted to do the same to the slayers when they stormed in to the glass works to look for her. The slayers stated that Tsuto slit his own throat rather than be taken alive but the group.

Now comes the time for healing and reflection. Ameiko has become the head of her family in Sandpont as she is the only surviving member. The glass works is hers, in it’s current dilapidated state. She must decide if she will keep and try to recruit more workers (the current staff was killed) or sell to another family.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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