Rise of The Rune Lords

To Help a Friend

Assault on the Brine Stump Marsh clan

The Goblin Slayers convene to discuss their next move. As they are discussing plans to take the fight to the goblin tribes they are interupted by a messenger askig them to come to the Sand Point Barrack, where a makeshift infirmary had been set up. When they arrive an acolyte from the cathedral explains to them that Calous Rake has been effected by a goblin curse. It is hard to detect at first and is slow acting. But he will not be able to recover unless the goblin shaman’s totem is recovered.

After some investigation the Goblin Slayers find out that the shaman who beset the curse is in the brine stump marshes. Traveling along the road the group spends a number of hours traveling to the marshes. Entering the marshes is a dangerous prospect and the group decides to try and lure the goblins out into the open. With some success the group whittles down a goblin raiding party. With no other goblins taking the bait the group scouts in the marsh to find the tribes camp.

set up on a piece of land above the mashes waters the goblin camp sits. Slumbering in the early morning hours the goblins expect no trouble and have only positioned a few lazy guards. the party easily dispatches the guards and finds the goblin shaman’s lean-to. A small skirmish breaks out and goblins sleeping in hammocks in the trees dive to try and kill the intruders. But to no avail the party slays the offending goblins and heads out of the swamp with the totem and the key to saving Calous Rake..

When the party arrives they head straight to the barracks to provide the totem to the priest. Calous Rake is tossing and turning in what seems to be a fever dream. Riley and Balin stay to help with the ceremony. The remeining members of the group retire for the night, hoping that int he morning the ceremony will have been a success.

In the morning the members of the group staying in the rusty dragon find one of the service women nervously wringing her hands. She calls out to Balin. Ameiko Kaijitsu is missing, She did not show up to begin morning preparations, and that is not like her. She also found a note. Balin tries to muster Kriig but he does not answer his door. After the ceremony to heal Calous Rake, Riley is locked in the Sand point cathedral to give thanks to his patron deity for a day of fasting an prayer.


The rest of group decides to investigate the Glass works. A short trip to check on Calous Rake, the group finds him in good health and surprisingly he has fully recovered overnight. With Calous Rake, the group heads over to the glass works.


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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