Rise of The Rune Lords

Investigating the Glass Works

The Search for Ameiko

Balin, Calous Rake, Hallow Song, and Lux Cognito all head to the Glass works in the morning to investigate what is going on. They notice many of the townsfolk stop what they are doing to see where the group is going. As the group approaches the building they notice all the windows obscured, But the chimney is still spewing smoke, so the furnace is lit.

When the group arrives the front door to the glass works is locked and they are unable to see inside. Lux Cognito decides to investigate around the outside of the building as the rest of the crew continues to work on the main entrance. After a time the crew works it’s way around to the back of the building. Finding a way in proves difficult but after some time the group forces their way in after hearing goblins inside. The group is unfamiliar with the interior of the glass works but finds its way to the glass working room to find a gruesome scene, Several bodies lay in various stages of dismemberment, some burnt and other with goblin bite marks on them. In a central alcove they find Ameiko’s father Lonjiku propped in a chair encased in runny sheets of glass, what must have been an excruciating execution. A number of goblins remain in the chamber and a battle quickly ensues.

Balin quickly dispatches a few goblins as Hallow Song helps with song and spear, Lux Cognito uses his mace and spells to aid. But as Calous Rake closes in on a goblin by the furnace he hears a voice in his head to slay the creature and stuff his body into the furnace. Calous Rake heeds the voice and bursts into a fit of rage. The other party members are taken aback at the fierce savagery that Calous Rake displays. When all goblins are take care of the voice prods Calous Rake to desicrate the remains of Lojiku. Enraged Calous Rake cannot deny the voices request and in one stroke blasts the glass and removes the dead Lonjiku’s head from the shoulders. After this display the group readies for a potential fight with one of their own. But Calous Rake collapses out of breath. Before the group can ask what happened and take stock of the situation a voice from the far of the room booms.

“NO,NO,NO, You ruined my masterpiece! Get them!”

A man with another group of goblins stands at the end of the forge. under his direction the goblins attack. The group forms up and fights the goblins. From a spell Balin swell to an enormous size and leaps over a stone work table to take the fight directly to the leader. His steel strikes true and wound the man. Balin calls for the man’s surrender. But the man will have none of it. He staggers back from Balin pulls a dagger and slashes his own throat. Dying on the floor, blood pooling around his lifeless body. After the death of their leader a few of the goblins try and escape. They are mercilessly taken down.

After the battle, the roar of the furnace is the only sound in the room. The group searches the man and finds a journal. Inside are the details for the raid on sand point as well as the plans for a larger assault on the town. The group ponders what to do about the information as Belor Hemlock is currently in Magnimar trying to secure support. Hallow Song thinks there may be more information about the whereabouts of Ameiko Kaijitsu and suggests the group search the rest of the glass works. While searching the building the crew finds a secret passage in the basement storage room. while searching the storage rooms they find Ameiko Kaijitsu!

Hallow Song Helps Ameiko Kaijitsu out of the building and to the barracks for some much needed first aid. The rest of the group looks into the cavern of the secret passage, looking to see where the goblins lair is, and intent on eradicating them from sand point. . .

Experience: 1000 to Each Player


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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