Rise of The Rune Lords

The Catacombs
Darkness and Mystery

Into the catacombs the group traveled. A short time they arrived at a more detailed complex. carved and smoothed stone passages ten feet in height and worked floors that were the hallmarks of ancient Thassilon. Lux Cognito was fascinated and wanted the group to continue on. Soon the group came to a split in the passage. Calous Rake volunteered to watch at the split while the rest of the group search down one of the passages.

Hallow Song, Lux Cognito and Kriig still complaining about not having Mitsu by his side. Enter a room with two other exits.The room is dominated by a red marble statue of a strikingly beautiful, but at the same time, monstrously enraged human woman. Her stony expression twisted in fury. The woman wears flowing robes and her long hair is held back by an intricate headdress of hooks and blades. In her left hand she carries a large book, the face of which is inscribed a seven pointed star. her right hand hold a glittering metal and ivory ranseur. Lux Cognito examines the statue but is unable to tell who it is of. Hallow Song has seen some images of this woman. it is hard for him to tell but he knows the name,

The Smuggler's Tunnel
What Lies Beneath

The Tunnel before them is dark and quiet. The group moves through cautiously and comes to a cavern by the sea. Two passages split from the cavern. One ends, rubble choked and impassable. The other leads in to another more worked passage. Lux Cognito identifies the stone work as ancient Thassilonian and is eager to press on. with out objection he leads the group into the chambers ahead. worked natural stone walls with an even tiled floor and arched cavern-like ceiling. The passage bends and as Lux Cognito begins to examine the stonework a creature lumbers out of the darkness.

It lurches on back-bent dog like legs. A hideous slobbering mouth with a lower jaw that splits in the middle exposing rows of razor sharp teeth. It’s red eyes and flat facial features twisted in a furious rage. As the fight begins Hallow Song begins his war song. But to his dismay the eyes on the beast glow red. Hallow Song finds that his song not only bolsters his allies, but brings a supernatural strength to the monstrosity. Mitsu, sent into the fray by Kriig, though he sends Mitsu into the fray to fight every battle, due to her claws and ferocity. Kriig then finds a nice spot on the wall to lean and watch Mitsu fight. Kriig also summons an eagle to aid in the fighing. The fell beast lands a telling blow to Mitsu causing her to blast to dust and energy. Kriig is no longer leaning on the wall casually and is none to pleased that his summoned mistress has been destroyed. The beast is dispatched and Kriig laments the loss of Mitsu. The others in the group give their condolences, but find out that Kriig can summon Mitsu the next day. Kriig, still pouting, states that he is still without his Mitsu untill tomorrow, and traveling without her is just so much work. The group examines the creature before them but cannot identify what it is. They search around but are not able to find anything more than another passage. And with that they head deeper into the catacombs.

Investigating the Glass Works
The Search for Ameiko

Balin, Calous Rake, Hallow Song, and Lux Cognito all head to the Glass works in the morning to investigate what is going on. They notice many of the townsfolk stop what they are doing to see where the group is going. As the group approaches the building they notice all the windows obscured, But the chimney is still spewing smoke, so the furnace is lit.

When the group arrives the front door to the glass works is locked and they are unable to see inside. Lux Cognito decides to investigate around the outside of the building as the rest of the crew continues to work on the main entrance. After a time the crew works it’s way around to the back of the building. Finding a way in proves difficult but after some time the group forces their way in after hearing goblins inside. The group is unfamiliar with the interior of the glass works but finds its way to the glass working room to find a gruesome scene, Several bodies lay in various stages of dismemberment, some burnt and other with goblin bite marks on them. In a central alcove they find Ameiko’s father Lonjiku propped in a chair encased in runny sheets of glass, what must have been an excruciating execution. A number of goblins remain in the chamber and a battle quickly ensues.

Balin quickly dispatches a few goblins as Hallow Song helps with song and spear, Lux Cognito uses his mace and spells to aid. But as Calous Rake closes in on a goblin by the furnace he hears a voice in his head to slay the creature and stuff his body into the furnace. Calous Rake heeds the voice and bursts into a fit of rage. The other party members are taken aback at the fierce savagery that Calous Rake displays. When all goblins are take care of the voice prods Calous Rake to desicrate the remains of Lojiku. Enraged Calous Rake cannot deny the voices request and in one stroke blasts the glass and removes the dead Lonjiku’s head from the shoulders. After this display the group readies for a potential fight with one of their own. But Calous Rake collapses out of breath. Before the group can ask what happened and take stock of the situation a voice from the far of the room booms.

“NO,NO,NO, You ruined my masterpiece! Get them!”

A man with another group of goblins stands at the end of the forge. under his direction the goblins attack. The group forms up and fights the goblins. From a spell Balin swell to an enormous size and leaps over a stone work table to take the fight directly to the leader. His steel strikes true and wound the man. Balin calls for the man’s surrender. But the man will have none of it. He staggers back from Balin pulls a dagger and slashes his own throat. Dying on the floor, blood pooling around his lifeless body. After the death of their leader a few of the goblins try and escape. They are mercilessly taken down.

After the battle, the roar of the furnace is the only sound in the room. The group searches the man and finds a journal. Inside are the details for the raid on sand point as well as the plans for a larger assault on the town. The group ponders what to do about the information as Belor Hemlock is currently in Magnimar trying to secure support. Hallow Song thinks there may be more information about the whereabouts of Ameiko Kaijitsu and suggests the group search the rest of the glass works. While searching the building the crew finds a secret passage in the basement storage room. while searching the storage rooms they find Ameiko Kaijitsu!

Hallow Song Helps Ameiko Kaijitsu out of the building and to the barracks for some much needed first aid. The rest of the group looks into the cavern of the secret passage, looking to see where the goblins lair is, and intent on eradicating them from sand point. . .

Experience: 1000 to Each Player

To Help a Friend
Assault on the Brine Stump Marsh clan

The Goblin Slayers convene to discuss their next move. As they are discussing plans to take the fight to the goblin tribes they are interupted by a messenger askig them to come to the Sand Point Barrack, where a makeshift infirmary had been set up. When they arrive an acolyte from the cathedral explains to them that Calous Rake has been effected by a goblin curse. It is hard to detect at first and is slow acting. But he will not be able to recover unless the goblin shaman’s totem is recovered.

After some investigation the Goblin Slayers find out that the shaman who beset the curse is in the brine stump marshes. Traveling along the road the group spends a number of hours traveling to the marshes. Entering the marshes is a dangerous prospect and the group decides to try and lure the goblins out into the open. With some success the group whittles down a goblin raiding party. With no other goblins taking the bait the group scouts in the marsh to find the tribes camp.

set up on a piece of land above the mashes waters the goblin camp sits. Slumbering in the early morning hours the goblins expect no trouble and have only positioned a few lazy guards. the party easily dispatches the guards and finds the goblin shaman’s lean-to. A small skirmish breaks out and goblins sleeping in hammocks in the trees dive to try and kill the intruders. But to no avail the party slays the offending goblins and heads out of the swamp with the totem and the key to saving Calous Rake..

When the party arrives they head straight to the barracks to provide the totem to the priest. Calous Rake is tossing and turning in what seems to be a fever dream. Riley and Balin stay to help with the ceremony. The remeining members of the group retire for the night, hoping that int he morning the ceremony will have been a success.

In the morning the members of the group staying in the rusty dragon find one of the service women nervously wringing her hands. She calls out to Balin. Ameiko Kaijitsu is missing, She did not show up to begin morning preparations, and that is not like her. She also found a note. Balin tries to muster Kriig but he does not answer his door. After the ceremony to heal Calous Rake, Riley is locked in the Sand point cathedral to give thanks to his patron deity for a day of fasting an prayer.


The rest of group decides to investigate the Glass works. A short trip to check on Calous Rake, the group finds him in good health and surprisingly he has fully recovered overnight. With Calous Rake, the group heads over to the glass works.

Chopper's Isle

Three of the group take a trip out to chopper’s Isle. Balin, Hallow Song, and Lux Cognito all decide to head out to chopper’s Isle. They learn the tale and come back with some interesting things. . .

The Boar Hunt
And other Diversions

The morning after the goblin raid on Sandpoint the group of salty adventurers sit in the main hall of The Rusty Dragon resting as in through the door strides Aldern Foxglove. With a beaming grin he states that the group who saved his skin yesterday must relax and accompany him on a boar hunt in the [[Tickwood Forest.]]. The group is outfitted with steeds from the Goblin Squash Stables and the Shoanti Skald has his mount prepared.

The ride to the Tickwoood Forest takes about a half hour and Aldern Foxglove spends time with each of the group asking about where they are from and what brought them to Sandpoint. He mentions to each as he leaves them to talk to a new member of the group that there is a pouch for them in one of the saddlebags. A little thank you for saving he from a sure “Goblining”. Each pouch contains 50Gp. As he sides up to Tim’s Cleric The one who slew the goblin leader attacking Aldern Foxglove. He spends a bit more time asking him about how he gathered his martial prowess. Tim’s Cleric is polite and answers all the questions as Aldern Foxglove is infatuated with all his answers. He even asks for a lesson in swordsmanship from Tim’s Cleric. Even though he did not ask for the adulation Tim’s Cleric is polite and acquiesces to the star struck Aldern.

The Rest of the hunt goes smoothly with Aldern suggesting that Tim’s Cleric take the lead in the hunt, But it is the Shoanti Skald who deals the deathblow to a fine sized Tickwood boar. Aldern is pleased and he says that they shall feast tonight! Aldern commands his manservants to quickly prepare the boar for transport as he spends the whole trip back to Sandpoint talking to Tim’s Cleric to the point that it becomes a bit annoying and obsessive.

When they hunting group returns to Sandpoint, The steeds are returned to the stables and Aldern tosses the boar on the bar of The Rusty Dragon and pronounces that they shall feast tonight! As preparations are made for the nights feast, the group heads to the town garrison to interrogate any goblins that have been captured by the town guard. There are two goblins left from the raid. The group tries many tactics to extract information from the hapless goblin captives and are unable to get any good information.The Shoanti Skald Produces a muffin to attempt to entice one of the captives into talking. this only sets one of them in a rage as he thrashes about the other goblin is excited and they begin fighting against their chains and try to fight each other ending with one of the goblins poking the eye of the other out and eating it.

Now seeing that they will not be able to get any good information from talking to the goblins the group comes up with a plan to let one of the goblins free and follow it back to the lair of the tribe to exact revenge. They approach the Sherriff of Sandpoint Belor Hemlock With the plan and he agrees to the plan asking if he can count on the adventuring group while they stay in Sandpoint. He also asks what they call their band. To that the group does not have an answer yet as they ponder the thought.

As the group leaves there is a distraught woman with her children asking for their help. something is wrong in their home and her husband was investigating but he has not come out. When the group searches the home they find the husband lying half out of the closet. when they remove him they find him dead his throat slit by a crude weapon. before they can do more investigating a crazed goblin leaps out of the closet at them broken dogslicer in hand. The group dispatches the goblin quickly and finds that the goblin must have been hiding in the closet since the raid. a floor board pried up and a small hallow beneath. TheShoanti Skald exits the house and breaks the news to the woman and her children, as the rest of the group call for all the building in Sandpoint to be turned up side down for any remaining goblins.

After a long day the group retires to the Rusty Dragon. When they arrive there is a feast laid out before them. The boar has been roasted and a beaming Aldern Foxglove welcomes them to the main table and extends the bounty to the entire inn common room. After a prompt from Shoanti Skald first. During the meal most partake of the boar and other food prepared. Most talk is about the victory of the new heroes over the goblin menace. Also topics about the growing issue of the goblin tribes and their spread in the region. Some citizens of Sandpoint talk about forming raids to take the fight to all the tribes. But most of the talk is idle speculation and drunken boasting. Towards the end of the meal an elderly man bursts through the main door of the inn. disheveled and haggard, yelling in Tian, Demanding his daughter. Shortly after his outburst Ameiko Kaijitsu Hustles out if the backroom kitchen, doffing her cooking apron ladle in hand he and the man begin to argue in the tian dialect. The group has one member that translates the confrontation as a family spat. The argument escalates to the point that some members of the group begin to think they may need to intervene. Just at that point the man approaches Ameiko and attempts to grab her. Ameiko deftly slips the mans grasp and hits him over the head with the ladle. Splashing the man, Identified as her father, with cold soup. Embarrassed the man speaks in a low bitter tone. “You are as dead to me as your mother.” And with that he storms out of the inn. A few moments pass in expectant silence. Ameiko breaks the silence with the upbeat statement, " I’ll need a well cleaned ladle now, since jackass stew is not on the menu."

And with that the meal continues and the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere returns. Ameio returns to the kitchen. Followed by, Shoanti Skald shortly after. The Skald sees Ameiko wiping back some tears and offers some words of comfort.

The group settles in to decide what to do next.

Experience: 500 to Each Character.

Cathedral Ceremony
Goblins Crash the Party

Alas the Day of the ceremony to welcome the new cathedral to sandpoint had come. Almost the entirety of the town was in attendance for the auspicious occasion. many speakers took the stage as a wagon full of swallow tail butterflies were released in the morning. Children laughed and chased the butterflies as the adults ate, drank and took in performances by the players of Sandpoint’s theater.

The town’s head priest takes the stage to recite the prayer of the first dreaming. He uses a thunder stone to get the crowds attention. As he clears his throat to begin the first passage a woman’s scream cuts through the air, a chorus of strange high pitched voices can be heard. The crowd parts for something low to the ground speeds by. The yelp of a dog followed by it’s collapse to the ground. Throat slit ear to ear blood pooling on the ground. The raid begins!

Throughout the battle the sound of a goblin song can be heard. The Shoanti Skald is able to identify that a troupe of goblin warchanters are aiding their comrades in the fight bolstering their confidence. he counters with a song of his own, weaving his Totem Spear in a mournful dirge.

Calous Rake Readies for battle, But as soon as he decides to stride towards the action he is lassoed by a group of goblin dog riders and taken from the battle not to be seen again.

Tim’s Cleric and Riley almost work in tandem during the battle. A goblin tries to hide under a wagon and with a powerful stroke the two-handed sword bursts through the wagon and cleaved the goblin on two. Riley follows by spending some time mending the wagon back into usable form.

Kriig and his companion Mitsu are able to dispatch a few goblins as well. With Kriig commanding Mitsu which goblin to dispatch as he finds a place to sit and observe the skirmish. A goblin runs up to Kriig and begins to mimic his actions the way a child might to annoy an adult authority figure.

Lux Cognito Wields spells and a mace to devastating efficiency dispatching goblins in his wake. One unfourtunate goblin being harried by an eagle summoned by Kriig while trying to eat the eagle gets a mouth full of mace as Lux jams it through his head in a thrusting motion.

The courtyard outside of the cathedral quiets down and the group catches their breath. Throughout the entire battle goblin madness reigns. Some goblins fill their mouths with food and stuff their pockets, they attempt deadly maneuvers jumping off roof tops only to not fall on target and break their necks. Some light fires to wagons that Riley is able to put out quickly. A few just run around screaming at the top of their little lungs. All adding to the bedlam.

Before they have a chance to move on towards another area of town to help qwell the madness. a loud shout for help is heard near the north gate. The group races over to find a man and his hound surrounded by a group of goblins lead by one mounted on a goblin dog. As the close in the leader eviscerates the hound in a gleeful cheer from the other goblins. they close in on the man as he tries to shield himself by hiding behind a rain barrel. The group quickly dispatches the goblins and surrounds the leader. Shoanti Skald focuses on the goblin dog as the rest of the group attempts to unseat the rider. It is a pitched fight. Focused and without the chaos of the earlier skirmish. it takes some time but the numbers of the group are able to grind down the defenses of the goblin rider and his dog. Tim’s Cleric finishes both in a powerful display not lost on the noble man hiding behind the rain barrel. The two-handed sword cleaves through the goblin and his mount in one final swing. bringing the skirmish to an end.

The man saved introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove and tells them he must thank them properly for saving him next time they are in the Rusty Dragon. With that he is off. The group heads toward the Goblin squash stables to check on Daviren Hosk as the group knows that goblins hate horses and that could have been a target. As they travel through town they notice most everything is mopped up. the guard leads a string of captured goblins to the garrison, some goblins are seen fleeing and flinging themselves off junker’s edge. When the group arrives to the goblin squash stables they see Daviren Hosk not only alive and well but adding some ears to his collection. Nextdoor at the rusty dragon Ameiko Kaijitsu is cleaning up the mess left by the raiders. Riley mends some of the burn damage caused when a group of the goblins tried to light the Inn on fire. The town guard inform the group that Calous Rake has been taken to the makeshift infirmary after being found next to the dock barely alive. the group visits him but there is nothing they can do but wait. After cleaning up trying to console the townsfolk, the group adjourns for the night.

Experience: 800 to Each Character.

Arrival at Sandpoint
The Begining of the Swallow Tail Festival

It had been a few days since the attempted goblin rain on the convoy headed to Sandpoint for their annual swallow tail festival. A group of would be adventurers worked together with the wagon guards to thwart the goblin raiders. They had become fast friends and began telling one another of their previous exploits and why they were headed to the festival.

Once they arrived at Sandpoint they separated form the main wagon convoy with the thanks and two silver pieces of the convoy leaders to explore the town. Early on they found the Goblin Squash stables and the proprietor Daviren Hosk A gruff semi-retired goblin hunter. Hosk has a collection of trophies he keeps from all the goblins he has killed. The Shoanti Skald has a history with the stable keeper and is given a horse and saddle as a gift.

After a visit to the stables, the group ventures forth to the Rusty Dragon Inn and after meeting the enchanting owner Ameiko Kaijitsu and having a meal the group heads out to take in some of the festivities of the Swallow tail festival. Eating, drinking, games of all kinds, Sanctioned fights, of which Tim’s Cleric is able to emerge victorious. A staff competition that Shoanti Skald comes in runner up at and a late night trip to Junker’s edge to find goblin tracks all over the place sums up the first day they are in Sandpoint. Riley in an act to please his patron deity bangs on a piece of metal all night long. To keep the locals from rioting, the Shoanti Skald spends the night casting spells to help the town sleep.

Over the next few days the group refreshes from the long trip on the road. Takes in some of the festival, meets the local sage, who is obsessive about Thassilonian ruins and basically rest until the unveiling of the new Cathedral. That has been open for prayers but no large services. Riley visits daily to pray and meditate.

Experience : 350 to each character


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