Aldern Foxglove

Noble man from Magnimar


Aldern was vacationing in Sand point when the goblins raided the town. In the confusion he was separated from the main body of spectators. With his best hunting dog at his side. Aldern was set upon by a malicious group of goblins. Their leader mounted menacingly on a goblin dog. With out his rapier all Aldern could do was hope his dog Brutus could hold the goblins at bey long enough for help to arrive. He cried out for help. All the while trying to find some avenue of escape. But there was none. As the goblins mercilessly dispatched his Brutus Aldern thought all was lost. In a last ditch effort to bide time he took refuge behind a rain barrel.

It was then that his hero arrived. In shining armor and a flashing blade he cleaved through the goblin beasts with ease and was the vision of the great warriors Aldern read about in the stories.

After the fighting was over Aldern could not help but invite the whole group on a hunting trip a few days later. Durign the ride to the tick wood forest Alder found out that his hero was Balin a cleric, a man of faith as well as a warrior.

Aldern Foxglove

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